Toast Box

Kopi Roti’s still better.

After looking for travel books (for me) and yoga books (for Ginger), Ginger and I decided to sit and have coffee and milk tea in Toast Box, Trinoma. It’s right across Fully Booked and located in the first floor.

Being fans of Kopi Roti, we were both pretty excited to order some toast. Ginger ordered the Teh (pulled milk tea) @ Php 65.00. I got the Kopi at the same price. We also ordered the Ho Kaya (thick toast – 1 pc @ P45) and the Chuan Tong (traditional toast – 1 pc @ P42).

When we sat down, we went through our routine. We got our trusty camera and Ginger started taking pictures. One of the folks behind the counter called our attention and told us that we can’t take pictures. I asked why and he told us because it’s “private.” I don’t know exactly what that means. Maybe some intellectual property issues are still being ironed out, i don’t know. But being the picture-loving culture we Pinoys are, it’s certainly a downer that we can’t do what we love doing — being camwhores. Seriously though, it’s definitely a negative since you can’t really enjoy yourself here. (Note: Pics of the place here were taken before we were told to stop. For the pics of the food, we asked permission from the cashier who cheerfully told us “sure!”)

The Kopi’s okay. A little bit stronger than Kopi Roti’s but servings are much smaller. At Kopi Roti, I enjoy seeing the condensed milk swirl around and get mixed with the coffee. You can’t do that here with the ceramic cups.

The Ho Kaya / Thick Toast was pretty average. The bread needed a little bit more toasting. It was still chewy. Also, because the bread was thick, it overpowered the taste of the Kaya.

Ginger liked the Teh of Kopi Roti better. Toastbox’s Teh was too sweet. We suspected that there was too much condensed milk and we were right:
There was thick condensed milk settled at the bottom after Ginger drank her cup.

For the Chuan Tong (traditional toast) – the bread was too thick and it was also undertoasted.

Some things they did better than Kopi Roti: they had a giant mound of butter on the counter, and they openly displayed how Teh was made. Great marketing. 🙂

Verdict: Toast Box looks much nicer than Kopi Roti, but taste-wise you’re better off sticking with the latter.

Toast Box
Ground Floor (beside Gourdo’s, connected to Bread Talk)
TriNoma Mall
EDSA cor. North Ave.
Quezon, Metro Manila

Phone Number: (632) 915-2856

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  1. I wanna go to Kopi Roti

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