Don Eduardo’s

The quintessential date place.

We were talking to our travel agent, Mrs. Agnes Huang-Lopez, and somehow the conversation turned to us having the Manila Reviews blog. She immediately recommended this brand new restaurant, saying that the salad and pizza were “soooooo good” and the prices were very reasonable. This, of course, piqued our interest.

The restaurant is located in Salcedo Street, Makati, Value Point building, (right beside the Accra law office). It’s the same building as Sousaku & Big Brother’s Café. There was no sign yet (that’s how new it is) but it’s not hard to find – you just walk a bit through the driveway and go up a short flight of stairs leading to the door of the restaurant.

As we entered, we saw a small cozy space that could accommodate 22 people (max). When we came in, we saw four people eating a meal at the middle table. There was no waiter/greeter there, so, to our surprise, one of the four people eating invited us in, led us to a table and gave us a couple of menus. “Ang bait ng customers!,” I thought. Turns out later that the guy who helped us was the chef!

As we were scanning the menu, the owner approached us and introduced herself. She is Bing Bing Lopez–Santos, our travel agent’s sister-in-law, and her family owns Mezzaluna (Serendra, Fort Bonifacio) and Sousaku (a Japanese restaurant in Salcedo as well). She told us a story about how the restaurant used to be Amo Roma which already closed. They reopened as Don Eduardo’s Trattoria last March 4, 2009.

We were given bread and butter as we waited for our order. The place had a cozy and classy feel to it. I imagine it to be the perfect place for small get-togethers after office or for a lovely, quite dinner for two.

We ordered the Capesante Salad – a warm salad made of scallops (imagine that!) and tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini and greens. I loved it! I am a lover of salads and this is the only salad that I have encountered with scallops as the main ingredient. The greens were so fresh and crunchy. The sauce was not too light nor was it too overpowering. As EJ said, this was the only salad that he was really enjoying as a meal — he would take other salads normally as starters, which meant that he would breeze through it just to get it over with.

Capesante salad at Php 370
(the presentation was much nicer than this, of course. we were so excited, we forgot to take the picture!)

We also ordered the Quattro Formaggi Pizza. It was a thin-crust pizza about 1 foot in diameter cut into 8 slices. The crust was toasted perfectly, not burnt at all. The cheese layering, made out of blue cheese, mozzarella, gruyere, and parmesan, was perfectly made.

Quattro Formaggi Pizza at Php 380
Ravioli Riccota at Php 380

The Ravioli Ricotta was okay. The owner mentioned that it was actually cannelloni and not ravioli. The dish was made of two long strips of pasta covering deliciously cooked meat. The top was smothered with bechamel sauce and copious amounts of cheese. The amount of the sauce given was quite substantial – the pasta was drowning in the sauce!

For dessert, they recommended that we get the Strawberry Napoleon (Php 245) but we were so full we had to skip dessert. It wasn’t in the menu but I think they are planning to add that in.

The service was excellent! The waiters were very attentive.

We truly had a great experience. For those who want to try out new restaurants in the metropolis, we highly recommend that you try out Don Eduardo’s Trattoria!

Contact details:
Don Eduardo’s Trattoria
ValuePoint Executive Apartments
227 Salcedo St.
Legaspi Village, Makati City
Tel. No.: 818-0209/818-0106
Mobile No.: 0920-275-3616

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