Da Seekers’ Cove

A Glimpse into the Past, Present and Future

I’m not that superstitious, but one afternoon, EJ and I had nothing to do. I had a lot of things going on in my mind that time – things about work, life, etc. Sometimes, you’re so exhausted you need experiences like this to give you that extra push.

We were in Robinson’s Galleria, our usual hang-out, when I decided to pay Php 300 for 5 minutes of Tarot Reading. I know, pretty expensive to have someone tell you what your past was, what your present is, and what your future will be.

There are two tiny rooms. I was guided to the room on the left. We prayed together over the cards and ‘connected’ with them. The reader then asked me to pick 15 cards with my left hand to look into my past, present and future.

Honestly, I was impressed. This was my second time here. The first time that I had Tarot reading (they also do Dream interpretation), EJ and I weren’t a couple yet. The reader that time mentioned that a lot of big things will happen in my life and I will end up with a very good man. A few months after, EJ asked me to be his girl and a few more months after, he proposed.

This time, my questions were all about career. When you go there, don’t expect clear answers and any piece of advice. Come with specific questions to ask.

I was actually quite satisfied but the time given for reading was too short. I asked for extra minutes, but they wouldn’t give them to me. If you are in their list, they normally text extra minutes as promos. Funny, I always get texts for free minutes but that time when I went, there was no promos. Maybe they really are psychic… hehe.

Try it just for kicks. You won’t lose anything anyway — just 300 bucks and 5 minutes. I still believe though in making your own future.

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